Rikeguard window film launched in Malaysia – world’s first antiviral / antimicrobial solar film, priced from RM4,000

Originally published at: https://paultan.org/2020/09/22/jasa-sarjana-launches-worlds-first-antiviral-window-film-available-in-malaysia-soon-priced-from-rm4000/

Jasa Sarjana and Riken Technos have launched the Rikeguard series of films, which they claim is the world’s first antimicrobial solar and security window film. How does it work, you ask?

Well, the film uses a proprietary, positively charged antiviral agent that attracts negatively charged viruses and bacteria. The companies claim that the Rikeguard film’s antiviral agent is able to disintegrate the “protective casing” of the microbes, thus neutralising them upon contact.

A Japanese organisation that specialises in manufacturing and testing antiviral/antibacterial agents, Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA), has even certified that Rikeguard possesses 99.99% effectiveness against viruses and bacteria. Apparently, this is 100 times more effective than the base SIAA requirements, thus meeting the highest international standards.

In Japan, the Rikeguard films (particularly the Rivex Rikeguard variant) are used by Coca-Cola Japan for its 30,000 vending machines. Japan Rail also uses Rivex on key consumer touchpoints, such as its ticketing machines, touchscreen monitors, tablet devices, and information display screens.

For those considering this brand of window film, Jasa Sarjana said the Rivex Rikeguard series of films will be available in Malaysia from October 2020. The installation cost starts from RM4,000 for passenger vehicles. The films are manufactured in Japan, and the antimicrobial properties are said to work throughout the warranty period.

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