Protection from 99.99%
of Viruses and Bacteria

with Japan’s Most Widely Used Antimicrobial Film

Rivex Rikeguard is the world’s only transparent antimicrobial film certified by SIAA Japan.*

Its revolutionary technology reduces viruses on a surface by 99.99% and controls bacteria growth rate to less than 1%, all while achieving a higher transparency level than any other antimicrobial film.

It is certified by the SIAA Japan, proving that its protective technology meets the highest international standards of safety and effectiveness.

* For transparent films with the SIAA antiviral and antibacterial certification mark, as of 1 April 2020.


The most widely used antimicrobial film in Japan, Rikeguard was developed by Riken Technos Corporation, one of the largest international plastics processing technology companies, with over 60 years of experience.

It was their passion for technology and innovation which led them to develop Rikeguard range of products, a cutting-edge antimicrobial film that inactivates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on contact, with an efficacy of up to ten years.

In 2020, Jasa Sarjana Sdn Bhd was appointed as the official distributor for Riken Technos Corporation within this region.


For Screen

It makes sense to protect the things we touch the most – touchscreens

For Hospitals and Schools

Applying Rikeguard onto high-touch points prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria through contact


Action of metal ion reduces viruses on the surface by 99.99%.

Our product is effective against viruses with and without a viral envelope.

Based on ISO 21702.


Action of metal ion prevents bacteria from growing on the surface. The number of bacteria will decrease to under 1% of a non-treated product.

Based on ISO 22196

We have two grades: thick and tough (REPTY) & thin and easy to process (RIVEX)

*1: Total Transmittance | *2: Load: 200g
* The data is measured value, not guaranteed.


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    Made In Japan

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