Japan’s Favourite Antimicrobial Tint Film Arrives In Malaysia

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We at DSF.my are openly critical of subpar tint jobs and how some larger brand names are used to pass off really ineffective films. We seek out and regularly try out tints from brands that have proven themselves and have established partnerships in the market.

One such brand that we’ve used before is ICE-μ, and they’ve just released two brand new window tint film products that we think are worth checking out – ICE-μ Rikeguard and Rivex Rikeguard.

You see, the ICE-μ brand was recently acquired from Konica Minolta by the Japanese tint film company Riken Technos. The sole distributor of ICE-μ products in Malaysia, Jasa Sarjana, are now bringing in ICE-μ Rikeguard – the world’s FIRST antimicrobial solar and security film, as well as Rivex Rikeguard, an antimicrobial clear film already widely adopted in Japan for use on windows and touch panels.

Unlike most other tints, Rikeguard is specially formulated to be effective in antiviral/antibacterial applications! This is especially relevant today, given the ongoing pandemic. In Japan, where cleanliness is taken extremely seriously, Rikeguard has been popular since the COVID-19 pandemic began. For instance, Coca-Cola Japan have used Rikeguard in over 30,000 of their vending machines. What’s more, Rikeguard is also used by Japan Rail in areas where commuters regularly come in physical contact such as ticket machines, customer service counters, touchscreen monitors, tablet devices and information display screens.

These are two huge organisations in one of the most developed countries in the world. The fact that they’ve extensively used Rikeguard in public places shows how effective the product is at its intended use.

So what exactly is the mechanism that gives Rikeguard its ‘antiviral’ and ‘antibacterial’ properties?

The film uses a proprietary antiviral agent that attracts viruses and bacteria which are negatively charged. The positively charged antiviral agent reacts with moisture in the air to generate active oxygen. Then, the high oxidising power of the active oxygen disintegrates the protective casing of the microbes. Viruses and bacteria are neutralised in this process, rendering them vulnerable and inactive.

Rikeguard has been tested and officially certified by the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA). It is 100 times more effective than the SIAA’s minimum requirements for certification, possessing a 99.99% effectiveness against viruses and bacteria. So you can rest assured that this product really is worthy of being called antiviral and antibacterial.

ICE-μ Rikeguard will be available in Malaysia from December 2020 from RM4,000 for installation in your vehicle. Rivex Rikeguard, on the other hand, will be in Malaysia starting October 2020 and will be extremely useful to Malaysian drivers, businesses and homeowners in the fight for a safer, healthier environment. These films are completely made in Japan, imported into Malaysia, and marketed by Jasa Sarjana. It’s a first-of-its-kind tint film that will make Malaysia just that little bit more protected during the pandemic.

There is a nationwide network of warranty support dealers for this product in Malaysia who handle installation and warranty claims for Jasa Sarjana Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of both Rikeguard films.

Made In Japan

A product of long expertise and innovation in optical technologies and film manufacturing, ICE-μ™ is an eco-friendly and high-performance window film suitable for the automotive and building industries, offering a greater level of comfort.


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