Jasa Sarjana Holds Fun Educational Event Exclusively for MARii Employees

A fun and educational event was held by Jasa Sarjana Sdn Bhd for employees of Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) in appreciation of our working relationship with MARii. Since day one, MARii has been supporting Jasa Sarjana and we are grateful for their support. In recognition of this, we put together an exciting educational event and flew in Konica Minolta’s regional marketing head from Singapore specially for the lively presentation at the event.

As the sole distributor of ICE-µ by Konica Minolta window tint, Jasa Sarjana presented an informational interactive video presentation to educate MARii employees about superior window tinting technology, to know how to differentiate between the best window tinting products out there. The presentation expanded to further educate and inform MARii employees on Konica Minolta’s window tinting signature elements such as its superior safety features that keep passengers safe from broken shards in the event of impact, environmentally friendly material that leaves a small carbon footprint for a cleaner environment, a non-signal-interfering material that allows drivers to stay connected while enjoying the comfort of premium tinting, its unique Wavelength Control Technology that blocks 95% of unwanted solar rays for greater comfort, and its market-leading clarity levels via Precision Quality Technology for clear views at all times.

The event was followed by fun quizzes and prizes given for each correct answer provided. It closed with our Business Development Manager, Summer Pang, revealing an exclusive promo of up to 50% discount on ICE-µ car window tinting exclusively for MARii employees.

Made In Japan

A product of long expertise and innovation in optical technologies and film manufacturing, ICE-μ™ is an eco-friendly and high-performance window film suitable for the automotive and building industries, offering a greater level of comfort.


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