How to Satisfy JPJ Tinting Regulations in 2021

Within Malaysia, it is legally required to follow the regulations of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) as they set the standards for vehicle safety and roadworthiness.

Since 2019, JPJ has instated new regulations for window tints. Vehicles in Malaysia must comply with the following visible light transmission (VLT) requirements:
• Front windscreen: 70% VLT minimum
• Front side windows: 50% VLT minimum
• Rear side windows: 0% VLT minimum
• Rear windscreen: 0% VLT minimum

Front windscreens will require a 70% visible light penetration rating while front side windows will need a 50% visible light penetration rating. However, drivers are now allowed to have any percentage they wish for their rear side windows and rear windscreen. This frees vehicle owners to apply maximum tinting for the rear portion of their cars, as long as they have 2 side mirrors. Most cars are already built with 2 side mirrors, except for classic cars made before 1980.

Note that it is not the window film’s VLT that is measured for JPJ compliance, but the net VLT of the window plus window film. For example, in order to qualify with a net VLT of 70%, the front windscreen will typically need to be tinted with a window film of at least 85% VLT. This is because the non-tinted windscreen glass already has a VLT rating of its own. Similarly for the front side windows, in order to meet JPJ’s regulatory net VLT of 50%, the window film’s VLT must be at least 75%.

If you are looking to add JPJ-compliant window tints to your vehicle, Jasa Sarjana has a diverse range of products to suit your needs. Our standard installation packages are compliant with JPJ visible light penetration requirements. We offer premium features for clarity and safety while complying with all JPJ regulations, making them safe to install on your vehicle.

Our made-in-Japan premium solar and security window film, ICE-µ, is the best film in its class, offering the highest clarity rating in the market, blocking unwanted heat while letting in light.

Skytint by ICE-µ is our window tint exclusively for Mazda vehicles. If you own one, then this is the best film you can get in Malaysia for your Mazda, featuring the premium benefits of ICE-µ.

Finally, we also carry Rivex Rikeguard, Japan’s number-one antimicrobial film. Widely used in Japan at high-traffic touchpoints like vending machines, ATMs, and major railways, its unique design neutralises 99.99% of viruses and bacteria upon contact, making any surface safe to touch with long-lasting protection of 10 years at minimum.

If you are looking to install any of these products, you have a unique opportunity to do so because we are running special installation promos.

Mazda owners can benefit from our Skytint Darkening Promo. Our official installers will darken your vehicle’s existing Skytint window film for an exclusive price, giving you darker windows while preserving your Skytint and warranty.

And if you want to add antimicrobial protection to your vehicle, you can benefit from our Rivex Rikeguard Side Windows Promo. We will install Rivex Rikeguard antimicrobial film on your vehicle’s side windows starting from RM1,200, providing protection against 99.99% of viruses and bacteria that lasts for 10 years or more.

If you want to book an installation or want more information on our JPJ-compliant products, call us at 03 5569 2230.

Made In Japan

A product of long expertise and innovation in optical technologies and film manufacturing, ICE-μ™ is an eco-friendly and high-performance window film suitable for the automotive and building industries, offering a greater level of comfort.


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