The Technological Legacy of Konica Minolta

Since the establishment of Konica Minolta, this prominent corporation has expanded its business by leveraging on technical expertise and the diversity of both technologies and innovations.

Konica Minolta has been wide spreading its business in innumerable fields which include office equipment, optical systems for industrial use, and diagnostic imaging systems.


Years of Growth & Progress

US$ 10

Billion In Revenues

US$ 800

Million in Operating Income


3D Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

Recently, Konica Minolta has successfully developed the world’s first three-dimensional augmented reality head-up display (3D AR HUD) that fulfils the growing global demand of driver assistance technologies.

Displayed in 3D, the information on the windshield equips the driver with valuable information while keeping the driver’s focus on the road, potentially avoiding accidents and saving the lives of many.

QWP Film

As people increasingly use their smartphones and tablets outdoors, people are beginning to see a problem in how images on these screens can appear darker or discolored when viewed through polarized sunglasses.

Konica Minolta has developed QWP (¼-Wave Plate) film in response. Used on displays, this film emulates unpolarised light, allowing people to see the colors of images on device screens as normal even when wearing polarised sunglasses.

US$ 600

Million Invested In R&D


Patents Registered In Japan


Business Innovation Centres Worldwide

Given the recognition of the first company worldwide to earn a Blue Angel certification in the field of copying, Konica Minolta has helped society to reduce environmental impact by certifying many products as Green Products in the market.

With over 140 years of growth and progress, Konica Minolta succeeded in generating USD 10 Billion in revenues, acquiring USD 800 Million in operating income and offering more than 40,000 job opportunities all around the globe.

Till this date, Konica Minolta has redefined its space in the world of technology, creating new business areas based on its core technologies – nanofabrication, material, optical and imaging – that continue to drive its new range of products.


In 2013, JASA SARJANA SDN BHD has been appointed as the sole distributor for Konica Minolta ICE-μ window films within this region.

Konica Minolta ICE-μ window films are pre- installed by JASA SARJANA SDN BHD in selected leading car brands for the Malaysian market.

For business enquiries or if you’re interested to install ICE-μ for your car or home windows, drop us a line on our contact page.