Our Strategic Partners

Riken Technos, our new strategic partner, is one of the largest international plastics processing technology companies, and a challenger that harnesses the power of science to improve the quality of life in society. With over 60 years of experience, they have consistently strengthened their founding expertise in manufacturing and selling compounds while leveraging into new fields and industries such as the automotive and construction sectors, and products such as films, packaging materials, synthetic resin and food wraps. This has inspired them to constantly challenge and advance the latest cutting-edge technology in new fields while spreading their business internationally across four continents with a single goal: to research and develop new products with features designed to meet the world’s changing needs.

It was this passion for technology and innovation which led them to embrace ICE-μ wholeheartedly. When they saw the cutting-edge high-quality features of ICE-μ as well as the brilliant expertise behind its design, Riken Technos purchased ICE-μ and adopted the technologies and expertise behind it, becoming our strategic partner in the process.

With this decision, Riken Technos has added ICE-μ to their growing list of products to meet the changing needs of consumers. Moving forward, they will be entering the Malaysian market with ICE-μ for the first time via the local knowledge, knowhow and connections of Jasa Sarjana.

Through this partnership which brings together technologies to improve the quality of life of everyday consumers, ICE-μ will continue to reach even greater heights in the future.


In 2020, JASA SARJANA SDN BHD was appointed as the distributor for Riken Technos Corporation ICE-μ films within this region.

ICE-μ window films are pre-installed by JASA SARJANA SDN BHD in selected leading car brands for the Malaysian market.

For business enquiries or if you’re interested to install ICE-μ for your car or home windows, drop us a line on our contact page.