By leveraging on knowledge and innovation in the optical industry, ICE-μ is advanced technology applied directly on your windows to shield you from the ravages of the sun.

High-precision techniques enabled the development of Ultra Nano particles

Advanced knowledge of chemical synthesis developed a new material that blocks over 95% of infrared light.

Film composed of a high-performance material used in cutting-edge areas

Similar Ultra Nano particles are also being used in extreme conditions such as space development, proving a product performance far superior to conventional film.

Unrivalled High-Precision Coating Technology

Expert use of technology for manufacturing silver halide films allows the simultaneous formation of multiple coated films with precision on the Nano order. This technology is used to make ICE-μ, thereby achieving a previously unattainable level of performance in window films.

ICE-μ also incorporates other technologies such as roll-to-roll mass production and a design that prevents materials from different layers from mixing.